Current Students

Written work

When submitting written work for assessment in any Classics and Ancient History courses you should be aware of the policies regarding deadlines and feedback.


There is invariably a set date for the submission of a set assignment. Extensions need to be discussed with the unit coordinator; they will usually be granted only on medical grounds or in the case of personal difficulties.

Return of marked scripts

It is a broad-based university policy that all written work be marked and returned within three weeks of the submission date. It is our aim in Classics and Ancient History to have the marked scripts available well within that time limit.

Assessment concern

Should you be dissatisfied with – or puzzled at – the mark awarded to any piece of submitted written work, there is a standard procedure. First see your tutor or lecturer, who will discuss the matter or arrange for you to meet with the marker, if the work was marked by someone else. If, after so doing you are still concerned, then see the unit co-ordinator, who will arrange a re-marking of your assignment--should that be your wish. The re-mark will be done by a staff member other than the one who first marked your work. The only stipulation is that the mark awarded by the second marker will stand.


This involves taking someone else's work or ideas and presenting them as your own without due acknowledgement, and is a very serious offence against academic integrity. The Faculty's plagiarism policy is strictly enforced in Classics and Ancient History.