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Honours seminars

These units are being offered in 2011 in Classical Languages and Ancient History.

Classical Languages

GREE1151 Beginners' Greek I (sem 1)
GREE1152 Beginners' Greek II (sem 2)
GREE2201 Intermediate Greek I (sem 1)
GREE2202 Intermediate Greek II (sem 2)
GREE3301 Advanced Greek I (sem 1)
GREE3302 Advanced Greek II (sem 2)
Texts for Greek
LATN1151 Beginners' Latin I (sem 1)
LATN1152 Beginners' Latin II (sem 2)
LATN2201 Intermediate Latin I (sem 1)
LATN2202 Intermediate Latin II (sem 2)
LATN3301 Advanced Latin I (sem 1)
LATN3302 Advanced Latin II (sem 2)
Texts for Latin

Ancient History

CLAH1101 Myth to History (sem 1)
CLAH1102 Julians and Julio-Claudians (sem 2)
CLAH1103 Glory and Grandeur (sem 1)
CLAH1111 Myth: From Creation to Death (sem 2)
CLAH2204 Roman Archaeology (sem 2)
CLAH2212 Age of Alexander the Great (sem 2)
CLAH2222 Foundation of the Roman Empire (sem 1)
CLAH2281 Classical Greek Theatre (sem 1)
CLAH2292 Roman Art and Architecture (sem 2)
Texts for Ancient History