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Databases of ancient texts

Information on how to access electronic databases of ancient texts.

Greek literature

The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) is an electronic data bank of virtually all Greek literature from Homer to the end of the Byzantine period. It is an enormously valuable resource for all those involved in the study of ancient Greek texts, enabling searches and browsing through individual authors and the whole corpus. Although the texts are all in the original language, many are linked to online English translations, and all individual words can be instantly parsed and translated (use the 'Links?' option under 'Settings' at the top left once you have opened a text or run a search). UWA has a site licence and TLG can be accessed from any computer on campus or logged in to a UWA account.

Greek inscriptions

The Packard Humanities Institute has a vast range of Greek inscriptions available for searching and browsing. It is free and can be accessed from anywhere.

Greek papyri is the new centralised source which brings together several different projects. At its heart lies the enormous Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri, which makes available for browsing and searching almost all published Greek documentary papyri. It is free and can be accessed from anywhere.

Latin literature

The most comprehensive electronic collection of classical Latin texts was issued on CD-ROM some years ago by the Packard Humanities Institute. The material has recently been made freely available at Texts can be browsed, as well as searched by author and across the corpus.