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This 2 week in-country program introduces contemporary and traditional visual practice and techniques used by artists in the field to record and interpret raw visual data.

We will take a glimpse at the effect of tourism in Bali and how this amazing culture withstands the 21st Century. The program introduces you to Balinese Hindu religion, iconography and imagery from important cultural situations to resource and influence the production of your own visual literature (photographs, drawings, written reflections).

Dates: 1 July - 14 July, 2017Balinese dancers

Unit Co-ordinator: Paul Trinidad

Unit Code: VISA2270 International Studio for Art and Culture

Credit: 6 points - Category A broadening unit for Commerce, Arts and Science students, Category A broadening unit for Design students (Design students can count up to two Category A broadening units from units offered by Design) or Level 2 Option in Fine Arts major.

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