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AMILA 2015 workshop [PDF, 1.2 MB]
Updated 24 Oct 2014

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Updated 21 Aug 2014

AMiLA - the first Australasian Master in Landscape Architecture, brings together the diversity of five different Landscape Architectural institutions to create an opportunity for you to study part of your Masters degree at a partnering university (RMIT, University of Adelaide, University of Melbourne or Lincoln University, NZ)

AMiLA semester-based program

During the first year of the 2-year MLArch program, a select number of UWA students will have the opportunity to undertake a semester at one of the four partner institutions.

This semester will consist of a design studio, an option/research unit, and the intensive summer workshop, equating to 24 points of credit.

Selection will be based on academic merit.  For more information on the program and the application process, go to the AMiLA website

AMiLA summer intensive workshop

Each year, one institution will host an intensive workshop, offering an opportunity for top students from each affiliate institution to come together for a collaborative design studio.

The 2015 workshop, Urban Resilience: Design Strategies for a Warming City, will take place in Melbourne from Jan 27 to Feb 4, 2015.

Students can apply for just the workshop, or can apply for the semester-based program to be guaranteed a place in the workshop.

The workshop on its own will be credited as a 6-point option unit towards the Master of Landscape Architecture course.

For further details, see the AMiLA website


The AMiLA Program offers a limited amount of places each semester. The selection process is competitive and will be based on academic record (grade point average), in addition to a written statement of your aspirations are for being part of AMiLA, and how they will maximise the opportunity of taking part. If you are interested in taking part of the AMiLA Program click the link below and submit your application within the form provided on the website.
International students, and students who have not completed their undergraduate studies at UWA but have an offer for the Masters course are also eligible to apply.


For any programs that involve overseas or inter-state travel and study, students are responsible for covering the costs of accommodation, flights and excursions / living expenses, in addition to the tuition attached to the unit.
For study at Lincoln University (New Zealand), some Study Abroad Scholarships are available, varying in value and eligibility criteria.  More information about financial assistance for overseas study can be found here.

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Semester-based AMiLA program - 2015 (includes the summer workshop)

Summer Workshop Intensive - Jan 27 to Feb 4, 2015
(if applying for the workshop only, please state "summer workshop only" in the desired semester field.