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Getting help - sexual health services

SHARE CondomsUWA student groups can request condoms and dental dams for distribution in common rooms and at student events through the SHARE Student Condom Scheme. 

It's estimated that 1 in 20 Australians aged between 15 and 24 years have a reportable sexually transmitted infection which could be prevented through use of barrier protection. Most STIs are treatable but some, such as Herpes, are not. 

The Health Promotion Unit provides bundles of up to 100 condoms/10 dams per group to encourage students to have safer sex.

Groups can re-apply for bundles every 6 months. Additional dental dams can also be provided upon request.

Is my student group eligible?

To be eligible for condoms/dams you must: 

  • Represent a current UWA student group, club or society
  • Submit your request at least 2 weeks before the condoms/dams are required 
  • Display SHARE sexual health information with the condom/dam supply
  • Have not made a request within the last 6 months

How do I make a request?

To make a request for condoms and dams, complete the SHARE Student Condom Request Form and forward it to You will then be contacted by staff from the Health Promotion Unit.


Bundles must be collected from the Health Promotion Unit on level 2 of the Guild Village.

Condom/dam request forms