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Sexuality, Sexual Health and Relationships Education Strategy

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Are you an international student?

Find out more about sexual health in Australia through:

The UWA Sexuality, Sexual Health and Relationships Education Project

It's likely that you may start to have your first romantic relationships or sexual experiences while you're at uni. This can be a pretty exciting time but it can also get complicated.

We want to make sure that you have the information, skills and support to stay healthy, be yourself and enjoy exploring your sexuality while you're at UWA. 

The SHARE Project

The Sexuality, Sexual Health and Relationships Education Project (SHARE) aims to increase positive attitudes, knowledge, skills and behaviour associated with sexuality, sexual health and relationships among UWA students and to encourage safe and pleasurable sexual experiences. 

It also aims to make students more aware of and comfortable in accessing sexual health services.

SHARE Online

We know that most students like to find out about sexual health information online. Our SHARE website aims to answer commonly asked sexual health questions, troubleshoot relationship issues and encourage healthy exploration and acceptance of your sexuality. Find out more about:

  • Your sexualitya central feature of being human. Here you can find information about exploring your sexuality and information on diverse sexualities and genders.  
  • Your sexual health: comprehensive information on sexual consent, having safer sex, contraceptives, sexually transmitted infections and much more. 
  • Your relationships: what makes a healthy or unhealthy relationship? Find out about the importance of consent how you can maintain or improve your relationships with others. 

  • Sexual violence: sexual violence may take many forms including sexual assault and sexual abuse. Find out about the advice and support services available on campus and externally.