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Impact of the Fit for Study Program

The Fit for Study program uses a broad monitoring and evaluation strategy to measure its impact on student health and wellbeing.

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The Health Promotion Unit advocates for change to structures and policies that directly and indirectly influence student health and wellbeing. The team has reviewed and provided recommendations for the following:

  • Taxi ranks at UWA Crawley Campus (2011)
  • UWA Student Orientation Program (2012)
  • WA Alcohol and Youth Action Coalitions' Alcohol Promotion and Alcohol Education position statements (2012)
  • WA Liquor Control Act 1988 (2013)
  • UWA Alcohol Policy (2013)
  • UWA Tobacco Policy (2015)
  • Safe Drug Practice Review (2015)
  • UWA Transgender Policy (2016)
  • UWA Harassment Policy (2016)

Conferences and other Presentations

The Health Promotion Unit has promoted and shared information about the Fit for Study program at multiple state, national and international conferences and other events.

  • 'The SHARE Project' - Family Planning WA Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Conference (2006)
  • 'Implementation of Mental Health First Aid in a Tertiary Environment' - Australasian Association of College and University Housing Offices (2007)
  • 'A Toolkit for Managing Alcohol and The University of Western Australia's Events' - Public Health Association of Australia Annual Conference (2011)
  • 'The BAIT Program' - Local Drug Action Group Annual Conference (2012)
  • 'Sharing Stories to Build a Mentally Healthy Campus at The university of Western Australia' - WA Mental Health Conference (2016)
  • 'A Successful Approach to Training and Supporting Students to Deliver Brief Alcohol Interventions to their Peers at the University of Western Australia' - Australian and New Zealand Student Services Association Conference (2016)
  • 'Mental Health First Aid at The University of Western Australia' - Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Conference (2016)