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nullThe Health Promotion Unit runs a number of activities and events for students at the UWA Crawley Campus and in the residential colleges.

Upcoming events include:

  1. O-day stall
  2. Five ways to well-being
  3. Residential college events
  4. Lived Experience Panel 
  5. Hepatitis WA Juicing Workshop



O-day stall

Start the new semester by finding out if you are fit for study with our team of volunteer Peer Educators. Our skilled team of student volunteers can provide you with feedback on your current drinking patterns and strategies for reducing your risk of alcohol related harm.

Five ways to well-being: Make your mental health pledge

The start of a new semester is a good time to make a commitment to look after your mental health and wellbeing. We invite you to set a personal goal to improve your wellbeing across 5 key areas: be active, connect, give, keep learning and take notice.

Our Fit for Study Peer Educators provide this activity at numerous events during the year.

Residential college events

In semester 1 & 2, we will be running  outreach events in the residential colleges over meal times.

Pit Stop

As people regularly take an interest in their cars and the ongoing maintenance of them, Pit Stop links the concept of a mechanical tune up to looking after your health.  Visit our Pit Stop, where you are invited to visit a number of stations where our Peer Educators will provide you a simple health check addressing multiple health issues.

Think Drink Extravaganza

Find out if you know how to pour a standard drink and work out your average BAC after a night out.

Brief Alcohol Interventions

Our skilled team of Peer Educators can provide you with personalised feedback on your current drinking patterns and strategies for reducing your drinking and risk of alcohol related harm.

Lived Experience Panel

Join our panel discussion and hear from our Lived Experience Peer Educators share their stories of mental health challenges in a safe and purposeful way to support other students. Find out what support they found to be helpful in their recovery.

Hepatitis WA Juicing Workshop

International students are invited to learn how to make delicious, nutritious juices that will keep your liver happy and healthy. Express your interest for our free Liver Healthy Life Juicing Workshop which is run on campus by Hepatitis WA.

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For information on other initiatives run by the Health Promotion Unit, visit the Unit home page.