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Drop-in groups

At our drop-in groups you can discuss issues, ask questions, get support and learn how to make the most of your university experience.

Drop-ins are casual, relaxed and fun. Bring your friends. Bring your questions. Bring your ideas and experience.

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Our workshops are designed to help you successfully transition to UWA, manage the demands of academic life and enjoy your university experience.

All our workshops are facilitated by experienced staff from the UWA Counselling and Psychological Service (CAPS). They are free and available to all students and staff. We recommend organising workshops early in semester to better utilise information, strategies and skills discussed.

Workshops are available on a wide variety of topics.  Some examples include;

  • Overcoming exam anxiety
  • Staying focused and motivated
  • Controlling your worries
  • Adjusting to Perth and UWA
  • Asserting yourself
  • Thinking and feeling great
  • Improving your sleep
All our workshops are run on request.  If you would like to address a specific topic we can tailor a workshop to meet your needs.  You'll need to confirm at least 10 attendees if you would like to book a workshop.  To find out more check out our request form


You can also join our Facebook page for regular hints and tips on student health, wellbeing and academic success


There are no events scheduled at this time.

Workshops short courses

If you would like to request a workshop you'll need to organise at least 10 attendees. You can find out more by checking out our workshop request form

If you're just interested in attending a workshop but don't want to organise one then regularly check this page or our facebook page.  We'll advertise any upcoming workshops and groups that are open for anyone to attend in both these places.

Some of our past workshops have covered the following topics;

10 Tips to mastering your first year at UWA

Learning your way around the campus, managing busy timetables, coping with expected workloads, and trying to fit in can bring some stress to your first year experience. Gain important psychological tips for settling in, developing a strong motivation and enjoying the most of your first year at UWA.

Transition tips for international students

This Skillshop is specifically for International Students but all students are welcome to attend. We will address issues affecting transition from one culture to another and outline psychological strategies for making the most of your time at UWA. You will also learn important information about where to get help if you experience any distress or low mood while at UWA.

Expanding your social network

University can be a fun and exhilarating experience where you meet many new people. An important aspect of your success will be forming the types of relationships that support your study goals. This Skillshop outlines important factors in supportive relationships and provides tips on forming and maintaining healthy relationships while managing the pressures of being a student. This course is particularly useful for first year students, international students and students new to Perth.

Skills for staying focused and motivated 

In this Skillshop you will learn how to develop realistic expectations and goals for your studies; identify your motivators; recognise distractions; learn motivational techniques; and minimise self-defeating behaviours and thoughts.  

Beating procrastination 

This SkillShop is designed to help you develop a better understanding of what factors drive procrastination and identify the consequences of putting things off. The information provided in this workshop can help you to learn activities and skills to undermine procrastination, and develop practical strategies to help you stay on task.

Skills for managing study stress 

This Skillshop will help you identify stressors affecting your studies; understand the impact of stress on wellbeing; explore strategies to manage stress; learn relaxation techniques; and develop resilience.

Overcoming exam anxiety 

Exams are stressful for most people but for some students exam anxiety affects their ability to prepare for and sit exams. In this Skillshop you will learn practical and psychological strategies to better manage exam anxiety.

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Mindfulness groups

Mindfulness groups run weekly on Tuesdays during the communal lunch break (1pm-2pm) for 10 weeks of each semester.  Topics vary each week and you're welcome to attend as many groups as you like.  No booking is needed, just come along.  You can find out more about each weeks group by looking on the UWA student events calendar or by following us on facebook

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