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The Australian government encourages and supports student exchange and study abroad, and provides a great deal of useful information on their study overseas website.

Can't commit to a full semester overseas? Not enough room in your degree? Want to get a taste of the country first?

Not all overseas programs are for a semester or year. 

Short-term programs are an excellent way for you to experience a shorter overseas experience while also earning credit towards your degree. You can participate in a short term program to get a taste of a country's culture and see if you would like to study overseas for a full semester. Short term programs are often cheaper than full semester programs which can suit students on a tight budget.

 There are a number of different short term programs available to you:

  • UWA overseas units are UWA taught units that either have a component of overseas study, or are taught entirely overseas. These are usually run in semester breaks.
  • Faculty-led programs are run by UWA faculty members for groups of students. See your faculty for details.
  • Short term exchange programs are run by the Global Learning Office, through overseas universities that have an exchange agreement with UWA. These programs often have tuition fees waived, but can include other fees.
  • Independent overseas short-term programs are not administered by any area of UWA and usually require tuition fees to be paid to the overseas institution. You can see some of these programs here. Thousands of these programs exist world wide.

Please be sure to liaise with your UWA Allocated Course Advice Office to see if the program you are interested in can be credited towards your degree.  

Student testimonial on the Chandigarh Project with the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts

 LauraThwaiteTersimonial‘I found the 'Chandigarh Project' an insightful and educational experience. For me travelling abroad is an important aspect of personal and professional growth. The opportunity to visit Northern India with Christopher Vernon and my fellow students allowed me to develop a greater understanding of India's ancient culture and exciting history of landscape architectural practice. The study abroad trip was valuable to me from both a landscape architectural standpoint and as a personal confidence and skills building opportunity.  The study tour has been a highlight of my time at UWA and is an experience that I will remember long past graduation. The financial support that I received for the Chandigarh Project made this adventure possible for most of our group and we are grateful for the assistance it provided. I would not hesitate to share my experiences or to encourage others to participate in a UWA run study tour as these cross-cultural experiences are both rare and incredibly eye opening.’

Laura Thwaite

Are you considering a short-term program? Here's what you need to do next!

Find out about the program

Browse Global Studio, our database, to find out what programs are available to you. The type of program and who you need to contact will be clearly indicated in Global Studio.

Understand the process

Seek some advice from your Allocated Course Advice Office or UWA Program Coordinator on your enrolment status at UWA, unit approval and credit transfer process.


Research the costs of the program and budget accordingly. For UWA faculty-led programs, find out the program fees from the relevant coordinator.

In some cases, tuition will need to be paid to the host University, which means you can not defer the fees on to HECs.

Short Term Exchange programs are covered by our exchange agreements, meaning you pay tuition fees to UWA either upfront or by HECs. There may, however be other administration costs involved. Consider the cost of housing, flights and visa applications.

Financial assistance

Loans and scholarships may be available to UWA students considering overseas studies.


Make sure you know when and how to apply, and what happens after your application is submitted.

Travel insurance and booking flights

If your program has been approved by your Allocated Course Advice Office at UWA, you will be covered by UWA Student Travel Insurance, more information can be found here. Remember to check DFAT travel advice.             

As you are participating in a UWA related overseas program, you are required, under University Policy, to book your travel through Campus Travel ( or STA Travel, UWA Guild Branch only (


On return

In order to gain credit for Short Term Study Abroad programs you will need to complete an application foradvanced standing and submit it to your Allocated Course Advice Office with the original transcript from your Host Institution.

Students participating in Short Term Exchange programs will be enrolled in Exchange Codes at UWA; once we receive your transcript from the Host institution your faculty will add the credit to your record.

Questions about short-term programs? Ask UWA!