Current Students

Benefits of student exchange

Are you a Postgraduate student?

Read more about the eligibility requirements and contact the Global Student Office to discuss your options.

PG Exchange 

You will benefit from the Student Exchange Program across various areas.

Academic benefits

  • Enhance the value of your UWA degree
  • Learn a new language or improve your language skills
  • Opportunities to work with researchers in your field
  • Build ties with leading universities worldwide
  • You can take courses related to your degree which are not available at UWA, for example The University of Otago offers courses in International and Native Title Law.

Employment benefits

  • Enhance employment prospects with International experience
  • Adapting to a different cultural environment will show to employers that you are flexible, adventurous and a self-starter.
  • Gain invaluable experience for future employment through vacation internships in your area of study offered by some universities.
  • Develop skills to deal with change
  • Global awareness (cross-cultural skills and communication)
  • Global networking opportunities

Personal benefits

  • Travel within your host country and further afield with local students or other international students.
  • Meet people from around the globe and develop new friendships.
  • Gain independence and confidence.
  • Learn more about yourself and another culture
  • Be an Ambassador for UWA!