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The University of Western Australia has built a reputation for the unique student experience it provides with the UWA Student Guild and UWA Sport playing leading roles in the provision of recreational, sporting and educational facilities together with social, education and representation services.

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is in place to support the provision of services and amenities of a non-academic nature to all students. This includes things such as sporting and recreational activities, employment and career advice, volunteering opportunities, child care, independent financial and welfare advice, food services, independent representation and advocacy, student centric events, volunteering opportunities and a range of student clubs, societies and activities. In 2016, 30% of the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) income is allocated to the UWA Student Guild to provide students with independent educational assistance, financial assistance, welfare support, representation and advocacy, on-campus cafes and bars, volunteer opportunities and a range of student societies, clubs, events and activities. Together these Guild services help to create a vibrant campus culture and enhance the UWA student experience for all. The remaining 70% has been distributed between UWA Sport to provide fitness, leadership, lifestyle, recreation and sports programs and services to UWA students (30%) and to Student Support Services to offer a range of student-related services and amenities (30%) and to capital works (10%).

  1. UWA Student Guild 2016 Funding priorities
  2. UWA Sport 2016 Funding priorities

UWA Student Guild 2016 Funding priorities

In order to receive SSAF funding, the Guild has a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the University. This is a contract outlining what services the Guild is responsible for providing and includes:

Student Representation & Advocacy 

The Guild Council, made up of 21 voting members, is elected by UWA students annually following a strict democratic process. Once elected, the Council is tasked with setting the direction of the Guild, organisational decision-making and policy setting. 

Guild Council members and other student representatives (such as Faculty Society committee members) sit on a range of UWA committees to ensure student opinion is a part of the decision-making process on issues important and with an effect on students.

In addition, the Council works hard to cultivate a vibrant and supportive campus culture by organising events, supporting all the clubs and Faculty Societies, working with the university to achieve  improved educational facilities and campaigning on behalf of the wider student community.  

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Student Clubs and Societies

The Guild provides funding and practical support to more that 140+ student run clubs, all of which are as diverse as they are interesting. Current clubs include anime, zoology, cheerleading, medieval fighting and everything in between. The selection of clubs is constantly evolving to reflect changing student hobbies, interests and wider environmental trends. 

By assisting these clubs, the Guild plays a fundamental role in helping to deliver a huge range of social and career-related activities for students to enjoy; strongly contributing UWA’s vibrant and welcoming campus culture. 

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Other Social and Cultural Activities

In 2016 the Guild delivered 813 events – all of which were open, inclusive and most importantly, fun! The events ranged in scale but were all created with the same goal in mind - to help increase student stickiness (time on campus), drive extracurricular participation and make the university experience enjoyable for all. Key annual events run by the Guild include O-Day, Club Carnival, End of Semester Shows, Multicultural Week, Welfare Week and PROSH, all of which are beloved by students and staff alike. 

Further to this, Guild Volunteering helps to connect students with the community and successfully organises 23,016 student volunteer hours annually. The effect of this donated time is immeasurable and immense both for the organisations being assisted and the students partaking in the activity. The latter of whom not only benefit from the feel-good benefits associated with giving back, but also through real world work experience, the majority of which is recognised on their transcript.

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Student Assistance and Support

The Guild Student Centre is open Monday to Friday and is manned by a highly skilled team of current students, making it the first stop for any Guild-related questions or independent UWA queries. Students come from near and far to the Student Centre for directions, club and event details, room bookings, room keys, stalls, mail, lost property and for help connecting with any of the Guild departments or Council. 

In addition to this, the Guild’s Student Assist department is on hand to support students with any academic, financial and welfare-related issues. All Student Assist team members are fully trained social workers and can support students apply for special consideration, navigate visa issues and apply for small grants or loans, to name just a few handy services.

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Catering Services

The Guild is responsible for running all seven cafes and one bar on campus. A number of spaces in the Guild village are also rented out to approved tenants including coffee hub Rocket Fuel and fan favourites Subway and Boost to ensure a diverse range of healthy and affordable meals and drinks are available to students all year long. 

New in 2016, Guild Catering has also launched a weekly food truck roster aimed at attracting a variety of local and multi-cultural vendors to campus. This has been a huge hit for all involved and has contributed to Oak Lawn becoming more vibrant and populated. 

Through the Guild, students get to have a say in what food and providers are featured on campus, both as tenants and through the Guild’s catering outlets. In 2016 student feedback drove the Guild to introduce a Halal tenant, a new health-centric cafe in Reid Library (Quobba Gnarning), along with more vegetarian, gluten free and multicultural options across campus. 

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Member Discounts 

The Guild works hard to organise special offers and discounts for Guild members both in Guild managed cafes and bars and at dozens of businesses around Western Australia. These discounts can be immense and quickly add up, helping students to save on many university necessities as well as fun extracurricular activities. For the full list of benefits and Guild discount partners see: 

The Guild must demonstrate to the University annually that it delivers these key services in order to justify continuing to receive SSAF funding, which it successfully does year-in year-out.

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UWA Sports 2016 Funding priorities

UWA Sports offer high quality sport and recreation opportunities and experiences at The University of Western Australia through its Fitness Centre programs; Recreate courses and comprehensive Sports program from Evening Social Sports all the way through to Inter-Faculty, Inter-College, and Inter-University leagues in over 20 different sports.

UWA Sports has prioritised four areas of focus:

  1. Health and Wellbeing
  2. Club Sport
  3. Student Competitive and High Performance Sport
  4. Student Development

Health and Wellbeing

Service Delivery Intent:

  • To provide services and facilities to the UWA student population that creates opportunity for the improvement of individual student health and well being whilst part of the student body.
  • Core service delivery will be provided in the form of aggregated membership offerings to an appropriately equipped and staffed fitness facility based at Crawley Campus. Access to a membership will be provided through specific student price options that reflect a relevant price point difference to other membership category offerings. Flexible membership options that allow for shorter time commitments and lower overall investment, casual pass access and instructor lead classes on a pay as you go basis will also be provided. 
  • Alternate service access will be made available in the form of short course offerings, which will carry a student specific price offering and provide a lower cost option for service access.

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Club Sport

Service Delivery Intent

  • To provide administration support, facilities and services to UWA affiliated clubs, therefore ensuring the existence of a “club sport” environment for students to engage through.
  • To ensure that non-traditional and internationally focused sporting clubs receive the support needed to sustain club operations and provide international students with sporting opportunities that meet a variety of cultural needs. 
  • To support a student lead Sports Council group that provides an independent contact point for students and clubs to UWA and UWA Sport. The Sports Council Management and Finance Committee (Sports Council) is the governing student body of sport at UWA. It is responsible for the day-to-day management and financial affairs of Sports Council. UWA Sport will provide opportunities for current students to develop their leadership skills through participation in all aspects of the Sports Council.
  • To provide a management and support structure that retains UWA’s status as an Elite Athlete Friendly University and engages Office of Development and Alumni Relations, Convocation and the UWA Graduates’ Association in an Elite Athlete Program at the university. 

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Student Competitive Sport and High Performance Program

Service Delivery Intent
  • To provide students with free competitive sport opportunities both within their Faculty and/or residential college environment.
  • To support student participation in Western University Games.
  • To support student participation in Australian University Games and Australian University Championships.
  • To provide student development opportunities through the creation of team support roles with the Western University Games and Australian University Games team models.
  • To provide UWA students with an opportunity to participate in a “home Games” on a regular cycle, through the hosting of the Australian University Games and other high quality student sporting events.
  • To engage and enhance international partners through hosting and participating in sport exchanges and tours.
  • Opportunities for UWA students to engage in an interactive dialogue with UWA Sports via social media, such as Facebook and the Daily Replay (UWA Sports blog) to express views and opinions and share experiences
  • Funding for Orientation programs such as the International Sports Day By The River, Sports Clubs @ O Day and O Quest to enhance the student learning experience
  • Funding for the production of Recreate® magazine, UWA Sports E|News and the Daily Replay

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Student Development

Service Delivery Intent
  • To develop and implement programs that seek to enhance the student experience and which provide for general and targeted student skill development opportunities, through sport and outdoor leadership activities.
  • To provide professional development opportunities for students engaged in sport and sport related studies through paid and unpaid work opportunities within UWA Sport business units.
  • To create partnerships with external organisations that results in high profile sporting events and activities being hosted at UWA facilities and create opportunities for UWA student development as part of the hosting outcomes.
  • To provide student awareness of volunteer opportunities for UWA students in 3rd party/partner programs.

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