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Deferred and supplementary examinations

Further information


If you have been granted a deferred or supplementary examination read this information carefully.

All supplementary and deferred examinations will be held at the University.

Exam start times - Supplementary and Deferred examinations, Semester Two 2017 exam period 

The Semester 2 Supplementary and Deferred examination period will run from Monday 5 February to Friday 9 February, 2018. 

We have introduced an extra examination session and changed the scheduled examination start times to: 

  • 8:30am
  • 12:30pm
  • 4:30pm

How does this impact you

The duration between the end of one examination session and the start of the next examination session will not change. It will still be two hours. 

Our goal is to avoid students having to undertake three examinations consecutively. Introducing a new examination session and new examination start times, means many students will have more time to prepare between exams and less instances of being required to take two exams on the same day. 

Things for you to do next

Check your timetable carefully to ensure you are on time for your exams. Your personal timetable will be available via studentConnect on Tuesday 23 January, 2018. 

Note the regulation in the Assessment Policy relating to arriving late for an examination. If you have misread the timetable and missed your scheduled exam you will be unable to sit the examination in the next session. Eligibility for special considerations is based on the guidelines outlined in the University Policy on Special Consideration and is assessed on a case-by-case basis. 


Your personal examination timetable will be available on studentConnect three University days before examinations begin. 

Exam periods 

You can check exam periods for deferred and supplementary exams.

Your personal timetable will be on studentConnect. Information will not be given over the telephone by Student Administration.

Details of examinations

Students should contact their unit coordinator to obtain details of their examinations. 


If you intend to re-enrol next year, you must follow the procedure on the re-enrolment, assuming that you will pass your deferred or supplementary exams.

Should you fail one or more of your examinations, arrange to see your faculty adviser immediately to decide how your re-enrolment should be amended.

Marks for supplementary examinations

If you pass your supplementary exam you will receive a grade of PS (Pass Supplementary). No mark will show on your record, however a mark of 50 per cent will be used to calculate your weighted average mark (WAM) and grade point average (GPA).

If you fail your supplementary exam you will receive a grade of FS (Fail Supplementary). The original mark will show on your record and be used to calculate your weighted average mark (WAM) and grade point average (GPA) you received.

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