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While your personal exam timetable is on studentConnnect, general information on exam periods, rules, grades and alternative arrangements is provided here.

  1. Exam start times
  2. Your personal exam timetable
  3. Allocated seating and allowable items
  4. Exam periods
  5. Exam arrangements
  6. Grades, rules and procedures
  7. Special arrangements
  8. Faculty information on exams
  9. University Policy on: Assessment

Exam start times

As part of our program of continuous improvement, we have changed the scheduled exam start times for centrally administered exams to:

  • 9:00 am
  • 2:00 pm
  • 4:00 pm

By introducing a new examination session and new examination start times, many students will have more time to prepare between exams and less instances of being required to take two exams on the same day or three examinations consecutively.

Your personal exam timetable

Your personal exam timetable is published on studentConnect five weeks before end of semester exams and four weeks before the end of trimester exams. Your personal timetable for supplementary and deferred exams is published one week before the exam period. Timetable information is not available over the telephone.

If you have misread the timetable and missed your scheduled exam you will be unable to sit the examination in the next session. Eligibility for special considerations is based on the guidelines outlined in the University Policy on Special Consideration and is assessed on a case-by-case basis. 

Allocated seating and allowable exam materials 

Your personal exam timetable (published on studentConnect) will display the date, time, venue and seat number within the venue for each of your exams. A list of student IDs and seat numbers will be displayed at the entrance to the exam venue.

Below is a list of allowable item(s) which have been specified as being allowed in the examination for the current round. The list can be searched by unit code, or a full indexed list is available in the second tab. 

In addition, candidates are required to provide their own stationary for each exam, e.g. pens, pencils, erasers and drawing instruments such as rulers and set squares.

If you have any items in an examination, and are unsure if they are allowed, please ask one of the exam supervisors before the exam starts.

Please note, the spreadsheet may not work on your mobile device.

Exam periods

Exam arrangements

You should arrive 15 minutes before written exams and 20 minutes before practical exams.

If you're up to 30 minutes late you can sit the exam but you will not be granted extra time.

If you miss an exam, contact Student Administration immediately.

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Grades, rules and procedures

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Special arrangements

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Faculty and School information on exams

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