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Units to be offered from January to February are listed under each Faculty. They are open to UWA students, other university students and the public.

Summer Session commences mid January and finishes mid February.


If you're planning to take summer session units, you should include them when enrolling or re-enrolling for 2015. The final date for adding a summer session unit to an enrolment is TBA.

Adding a late unit

In exceptional circumstances, and only with the formal approval of your faculty, you may be permitted to add a unit after the closing date. You must:

  1. Ask your unit coordinator and faculty adviser to sign a special approval form (below).
  2. Obtain a Change of Enrolment Form from Student Administration.
  3. Pay $50 to the cashier and lodge the forms at Student Administration.


2015 units

Information on Summer Session 2015, including teaching period dates and unit availabilities is expected to be available by approximately early October 2014. This information is subject to change.

2014 units

Summer Session 2014 commenced on Monday 6 January 2014 and finished on Friday 14 February 2014.

The following faculties are offered units in the 2014 summer session, subject to minimum enrolments.

Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts

  • ARCT3301 Architectural Design 3b
  • ARCT4401 Architectural Design 4b
  • ARCT4403 Architectural Design 4a - Complex Buildings
  • ARCT5500 Architectural Design 5a
  • ARCT5501 Architectural Design 5b
  • VISA2270 International Studio for Arts and Culture
  • VISA2283 Rome

Contact: Ms Carolyn Wood

Faculty of Arts

  • FREN1402 French Studies 2

Contact: Sabine Kuuse

  • ITAL1402 Italian Studies 2


  • GRMN1402 German Studies 2


  • HUMA2901 Arts Practicum 1
  • HUMA3901 Arts Internship

Contact: Asst/Prof Chantal Bourgault du Coudray

Business School

  • ECON2233 Microeconomics: Policy and Applications

Contact: Assistant Professor Ishita Chatterjee

  • MKTG2238 Advertising and Promotion 

Contact: Assistant Professor Tim Daly

 Human Resource Management
  • HRMT2237 Human Resource Management 


Faculty of Law

Visit the Faculty of Law website for details.

Contact: askUWA

Faculty of Education

Contact: Anna Johansson

Faculty of Science

  • SSEH1103 Physical Fitness and Health

Contact: Asst/Prof Peter Peeling

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