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2017/18 Summer School

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Albany Summer School

Head down south to Albany’s Summer School.

The UWA Albany Campus will be offering a range of units for students to attend during the Summer break period.

Summer Session

Beginning summer 2017/18, a new and more comprehensive Summer School will commence at UWA. Summer School will be offered from late November 2017 to early February 2018, followed by an exam period (5-9 February 2018).

By choosing from 70 units from a variety of disciplines, you can accelerate, make up or spread the load of your studies. Introduce flexibility and teaching innovation into your study plans by completing units in six weeks or equivalent intensive teaching periods. Units offered in Summer School cover the same content and have the same workload associated with them as subjects taught in standard semesters.

For the first time, units offered in Summer School will also be open to Year 12 students and members of the general public. More information about which units you can apply for, applicable fees and the enrolment process can be found below.

Summer School Teaching Periods

The 2017/18 Summer School will take place from 27th November 2017 until 2nd February 2018, followed by a week-long exam period (5-9 February 2018). During that time, units will be offered in six weeks or less (depending on their intensive teaching mode). Check the units you are interested in for their specific availability.

2017/18 Summer School Units

The full list of unit offerings for the 2017/18 Summer School is published in the University Handbook, including availability and pre-requisite information.

Note that in addition to units offered in the 2017/18 Summer School, a number of additional units are being offered between the end of Semester 2, 2017 and the start of Semester 1, 2018, including a number of Service Learning units. Please check the Service Learning Unit section in the 2018 Handbook for more information or use the Handbook search functionality if you want to check availability of a specific unit.

Please note: Unit offerings are subject to minimum enrolments and may change without notice.

Summer School Units for Year 12 Students

Unit code Unit name High school pre-requisite(s) Incompatibility
CITS1402 Relational Database Management Systems WACE: Mathematics 2C/2D or Mathematics Applications
ENVT1103 Natural History (Albany Campus)
FREN1401 French Studies 1 WACE French FRE 2A/2B
ITAL1402 Italian Studies 1 WACE Italian ITA 2A/2B
MATH1011 Multivariable Calculus WACE: Mathematics: Specialist, 3C/3D or Mathematics Specialist
MATH1012 Mathematical Theory and Methods Mathematics Specialist ATAR or WACE Mathematics: Specialist 3C/3D
MATH1722 Mathematics Foundations: Specialist Mathematics Methods ATAR or WACE Maths: Specialist 3A/3B Mathematics Specialist ATAR or WACE Mathematics: Specialist 3C/3D
MKTG1203 Introduction to Marketing
MUSC1321 Music Language 1 WACE Music 3A/3B
MUSC1981 Music Ensemble 1 Some ensembles are subject to audition (e.g. Symphony Orchestra, Vocal Consort); some ensembles are non-auditioned and require no previous experience (e.g. percussion ensemble)
PHIL1002 Introduction to Critical Thinking
SOCS1111 The Global Family (Albany Campus)
SSEH1103 Physical Fitness and Health
STAT1520 Economic and Business Statistics WACE Mathematics 3A/3B or Mathematics Applications
SVLG1006 Pathways to Citizenship


The following fee arrangements for summer school units are in place, depending on your circumstances:

Current UWA Students:

  • Fees for Summer School units will be set at their standard classification and depend on your circumstances (i.e. HECs or international full-fee paying)
  • A unit in Summer School will incur the same fee as their equivalent standard semester iteration
  • The above also applies to students who will transition from undergraduate to postgraduate studies in Semester 1, 2018.

Year 12 students and general public:

  • The majority of Summer School units will incur an indicative $2,500 standard fee, with the exception of some postgraduate units
  • The exact unit fee payable will be advised following your successful application via AccessUWA below and is payable prior to commencement of the unit.

How to Enrol

Enrolments for the 2017/18 Summer School are now open. For non-UWA students enrolment closed on 27th November 2017.

Contact Us

Enquiries regarding Summer School units should be directed to the relevant Faculty Adviser.