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If you want to take a semester or more off from your studies, you need to apply for Approved Leave.  You can apply for up to 12 months of Approved leave at a a time.

If you don't gain Approved Leave, and don't complete any units in a given semester or trimester you will be considered to have discontinued your course. This means that you will need to re-apply for admission if you wish to return to your studies in the future.

Consult the University policy on Approved Leave before lodging an application.

  1. Lodging an application
  2. Selecting dates
  3. Re-commencing study

Lodging an application

Students may lodge an Application for Approved Leave online via studentConnect. Applications can be submitted up until the final date to withdraw from a unit without academic penalty.

The last date to lodge an Approved Leave application for Semester 1 2016: Friday 22 April 2016.

The last date to lodge an Approved Leave application for Semester 2 2016: Friday 16 September 2016.

The last date to lodge an Approved Leave application for Trimester 1 2015: Friday 6 March 2015.

Students who are in their first semester of enrolment or those taking a research only course are not normally eligible for Approved Leave.

Students who are studying on a student visa must contact the International Student Support Team to discuss their circumstances and eligibility before lodging an application. International students will only be granted approved leave in exceptional and extenuating circumstances.

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Selecting dates

Our Student Information System will automatically exclude enrolment in units where the teaching period (usually a semester or trimester) overlaps with a granted period of leave.

Therefore, you should carefully consider your leave dates as any overlap may preclude you from re-enrolling in the future.

Most students need only apply for dates covering semester one, semester two or both semesters. You can also apply for Approved Leave for trimester teaching periods.

Approved Leave is not required for the summer vacation period. 

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Re-commencing study

Students who are granted Approved Leave must ensure that they re-enrol within the stipulated re-enrolment dates.

Students who have discontinued their studies and have not obtained Approved Leave must re-apply for admission to their course through the UWA Admissions Centre. If admission is granted, students will be required to pay the student contribution amounts or tuition fees applicable for commencing students in that particular year.

If you wish to cancel  any period of leave or return to your studies early, you must submit a signed, written request to Student Administration.

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