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The census dates, academic withdrawal dates and withdrawal codes for standard and non-standard teaching periods are set out here.

Principal dates & Important dates

The university-wide Principal Dates calendar is the overall list of semester, meeting and UWA holiday dates. For student-related dates see:

Standard teaching periods, census and withdrawal dates

Individual units with a common census date, start date and finish date have been amalgamated into a single teaching period (semester).

The census dates in the tables below apply to all units that are available that semester. The availability for each unit is noted on your current Enrolment Statement, Statement of Account (eSOA) and many other official documents.

Start Last Date to
Add a Unit
Census Academic
One 26 Feb 2018 10 Mar 2018 31 Mar 2018 20 Apr 2018 1 Jun 2018 23 Jun 2018
Two 30 Jul 2018 11 Aug 2018 31 Aug 2018 21 Sep 2018 26 Oct 2018 17 Nov 2018

You can add these dates to your personal calendar program by subscribing to this calendar. Any changes to these dates will be automatically reflected in your calendar. A subscription link is also availale for each non-standard teaching period category. For help using iCalendar files please view this information.

Summer and Non-standard teaching periods, census and withdrawal dates

For units that are not taught in standard semester periods: